Based on the notion that progressive travellers around the world identify themselves as explorers in search for unique and personal travel experiences, Find Your Swede was launched as a pilot project in 2015.

In a time when borders are closing and the distance between countries is growing, VisitSweden wanted to show that people have more things in common than what set them apart. Working in partnership with a psychologist and behavioural scientist, we developed a service that linked together two like-minded people, based on their interests and values. After completing an extensive personality test, the doppelgangers were given a unique insight into each other’s lives using Instagram.

Travellers could connect with their own personal guide to Sweden who they could ask for recommendations about where to stay and what to eat and explore. Swedes were given the chance to become ambassadors for their country, in line with our ambition to provide a diverse and authentic image of Sweden.

Find Your Swede received an overwhelming reception with thousands of people around the world taking the test and finding their equals. Even though the project ended in May 2016, we will continue to explore interesting ways to inspire you to travel to Sweden. We would like to thank everyone who took the test and became part of our vision. We hope you found your Swede.

Until we meet again, please find us at: